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Jordan Semar

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I’m Jordan Semar and I’m a web & graphic designer who loves everything art, music and action sports. I live for the creative process, no matter what the medium is. My goal is to build strong relationships with great clients and to create a unique, successful presence for their brand.

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Designing is solving visual problems. I enjoy working on all aspects of design and brand identity to create the right solutions for my clients. Below you can take a look at just a few of the services I can provide for you.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Web Ad Design
  • Customized Solutions
  • CMS Implementation
  • Responsive Websites
  • eCommerce Development
  • Brand Identities
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Materials
  • Apparel Design


I've designed for both national and local businesses. I use that experience to custom tailor my designs towards each client's target demographic. Below are some of the latest additions to my portfolio.
To view my full portfolio, be sure to check out my behance page.

  • Bliss in the 90's Poster Designs
  • Pressure Hoops Logo Design
  • Banner Ad Designs
  • Valentine's Jewelry Business Card Design
  • Kabooh Web Design
  • Scranton Startups Logo/Web Design
  • Diety Concentrates Logo Design
  • NYCVP Blog Design/Development
  • Wilkes University T-Shirt Design
  • eBay Enterprise Marketing Material
  • Rasta Rhino Logo/T-Shirt Designs
  • Rock Solid Academy Web Design/Development
  • Thornberry Consulting Web Design/Development
  • Salem United Methodist Logo Design

Bliss in the 90's Poster Series

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Poster Design
  • Doug Funny Quailman Poster Design
  • Keenan and Kel Poster Design
  • Salute Your Shorts Poster Design

For this project, I took 10 of my favorite TV shows from the 90's and created a poster for each year in the decade. These were the shows that I watched as a kid and I wanted to represent each one with the part of the show that made the show memorable to me. I then took that element and broke it down to it's simplest form to create my own representation of how I remembered the show.

Pressure Hoops Logo Design

  • Pressure Hoops Basketball Academy Logo Mockup
  • Pressure Hoops Basketball Academy Logo

For this logo design, I was approached by a client who had issues with a previous designer. They were unable to see eye to eye on the design so I took the challenge of being the second designer and working with the original concept that the client had in mind. What I did was created a version that encompassed the academy's purpose and style from my point of view while using certain elements required by the client. By combining the two, I was able to create a final version that both the client and I were happy with.

Banner Ad Designs

  • Jack Threads Holiday Banner Ads
  • Campmor Banner Ads
  • Alternative Apparel Banner Ads
  • Highlights Hello Banner Ads
  • iRobot Holiday Banner Ads
  • Marika Holiday Banner Ads
  • Rite Aid Banner Ads
  • Shoplet Banner Ads
  • 800-Bear St. Patty's Day Banner Ads

This is a running collection of the static web banners that I have created while at Pepperjam. Some of the clients that I've created banners for are Alternative Apparel, Creative Rec, Highlights, JackThreads, Peeps and more.

Valentine's Jewelry Business Card Design

Valentine's Jewelry Business Card Design

This is a business card design that I created for Valentine's Jewelry. This was one of the first branding projects that we worked on to establish a brand identity for this local business. For this project, I had to select new fonts and color variations to establish a sophisticated look that will continue throughout the rest of their marketing material.

Kabooh Logo/Web Design

  • Kabooh Logo Design Mockup
  • Kabooh Logo Design
  • Kabooh Website Design: Homepage
  • Kabooh Website Design: Dealer Page

This project consists of two designs, a logo design and a website design. I was approached by the owner of a startup who was looking to get started with the look and feel of his brand. With some input from the client, I was able to come up with a logo design that represents the company's vision and establishes their style. In addition to the logo, I was responsible for designing the company's website and establishing their online identity. My main focus of the design was to make the page navigation simple, information easy to find, and large call to actions to grab visitor's attention.

Scranton Startups Logo/Web Design

  • Scranton Startups Logo Design Mockup
  • Scranton Startups Logo Design
  • Scranton Startups Website Design: Landing Page

For this client, I was tasked with creating a logo and website. For the logo, the client had presented me with a few initial concepts and stated that they wanted a black and red color scheme. I used the lightbulb to represent the intelligence and new ideas that would be generated by the client. I also created a responsive landing page to go hand-in-hand with the logo and to bring a bit of the local culture into the brand.

Diety Concentrates Logo Designs

  • Deity Concentrates Logo Design Mockup
  • Deity Concentrates Logo Design
  • Deity Concentrates Products Logo Design Mockups
  • Deity Concentrates Products Logo Design

This project is 3 separate logo designs. The client was looking for a logo design that represented his company and 2 additional logos to distinguish the two separate products that they were offering. I started by creating the main logo to be used for the company's identity. I drew influence from the name "Diety" and wanted the style to match what the client was looking for, a professional design with an iconic element that can be used as a stand-alone design. Once that was completed, I designed the product logos. These logos needed to be very masculine and military styled. I went with a patch style that could be used for multiple products while maintaining a cohesive style.

NYCVP Blog Design/Development

New York City Vacation Packages Website Design: Blog

I was presented with the task of moving NYCVP's website from to Wordpress. This included moving posts from the one CMS to another. The previous website had some issues that I wanted to solve such as an outdated design, cluttered sidebar and lack of mobile support. My solution was to create a responsive, clutter free design that focused on the content. Visit site

Wilkes University T-Shirt Design

  • Wilkes University Scholarship T-shirt Design
  • Wilkes University IEEE T-shirt Design

This was a t-shirt design for a Wilkes University Rodechko Scholarship fund race. For the front, I kept the design pretty simple and just had an offset Wilkes W with a corresponding banner containing the university's name. On the back, I was inspired by the racing mentality to use the Wilkes mascot: The Colonel. I created a silhouette of him and put the desired copy over him, cutting sections out of the mascot to ensure legibility.

eBay Enterprise Marketing Material

  • eBay Save the Date Postcard
  • Pepperjam Welcome Postcard

While working at eBay Enterprise, I was brought on to a few print design projects for the marketing team. These projects include brochures, signage, postcards and more. Above are a few examples of my designs used for our company.

Rasta Rhino Logo/T-Shirt Designs

  • Rasta Rhino Clothing: Music is my Life T-Shirt Design
  • Rasta Rhino Clothing: Rasta 5stripe T-Shirt Design
  • Rasta Rhino Clothing: Love to Squeeze Me T-Shirt Design

These are 3 designs that I've created for my clothing line, Rasta Rhino. Rasta Rhino is an action sports and street influenced brand that I started in 2011. Rasta Rhino is available in local skate and lifestyle shops in the NEPA area and on the Rasta Rhino website.

Rock Solid Academy Web Design/Development

  • Rock Solid Academy Website Design: Homepage
  • Rock Solid Academy Website Design: Visit

This is a site that I built for Rock Solid Academy, a K-8 school in Dallas, Pa. The site required an easy to navigate page structure, a graphic heavy homepage with large, featured call to actions to visit the school and to donate. The school also wanted a responsive design so their important information could be easily accessed on any device. This site was customized with a variety of features. The site featured an easy to update homepage widget to feature the current weather/closing conditions. The site also features Google Maps integration and an area to schedule an open house visit. Two of the other main features of the site are the blogging platform and image gallery. Visit site

Thornberry Consulting Web Design/Development

  • Thornberry Consulting Website Design: Home
  • Thornberry Consulting Website Design: Services

This project was a website redesign for a government-contract tech company. I had to take all of the current content and present it in a fresh, new way. Thornberry Consulting had changed their branding identity from red and black to blue and white. My challenge was to translate that into their new website design. The approach I took was to give the layout more of an open feel to match the new lighter colors. My solution is above. Visit site

Salem United Methodist Logo Design

  • Salem United Methodist Church Logo Design Mockup
  • Salem United Methodist Church Logo Design

This is a logo design for Salem United Methodist Church. When I was first approached with the logo request, they were looking for "pictures of a warm, welcoming house, a fireplace – A welcome home kind of idea." Their tagline was also 'Welcome Home" and they wanted to include that as well. Seen above is my solution, a modern looking logo with a silhouette of the actual church, their name with the cross and flame and tagline all nestled in under the swoosh separating them and balancing the space.

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